Spring Workshop and Concert 2024 ” Mosaic”

Habibi Dancers 40th Annual Spring Workshop April 13-14, 2024


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Saturday Workshop: ““Shimmy While You Twerk ‘n’ Bubble”

Shimmies, more shimmies, and spicy derriere movements to add some “cheek” to your dancing. We will look at shimmy layers, as well the mechanics of what has come to be known as “twerking” and “bubbling” and ways in which we can use the musculature of these movements to strengthen our dance technique while having fun. Don’t let the word “twerking” cause you to feel shy, these movements are very beneficial to strengthening our lower abdominal and expanding our range of motion.

Sunday Workshop: “Introduction to Caribbean Fusion & Choreography”

An introduction to the music, and movements of Caribbean dance (Dance hall, soca, reggae, reggaeton, etc.) and the technique behind the movements. A look at music
choices and movements that work for a fusion with belly dance. A choreography will be taught after the technique portion

Cassandra Fox

Please join us for “Mosaic” our Annual Spring Seminar and Concert on April 13-14, 2024. This year our featured artist is Cassandra Fox. A first generation Canadian, her family immigrated to Canada from Jamaica. Her Caribbean heritage has been a large influence and inspiration to her dancing and development, including her Caribbean Fusion which blends elements of belly dance with Caribbean music and dance. Cassandra has become known for both her Caribbean Fusion and her belly dancing thanks to her strong technique, fluid movements, and smooth musicality while maintaining a fun and powerful energy. This has allowed her to build a large online following and granted her many opportunities to teach and perform internationally including France, Italy,Brazil, the Caribbean and the United States. Join us for an exciting dance concert Saturday evening featuring our guest artist, guest dance troupes and the Habibi Dancers.