Registration is now open for Summer term 2024.   Start July 9, 2024!

Learn to belly dance! You’ll have fun and make new friends all while treating your body to a low-impact workout. Women (and Men!) of all ages and dance backgrounds love the benefits of belly dancing.

For Mondays only!   Potterville Location     $30  for 4 week session
 Session 1     Start  July 8- 29     5:45- 6:45 PM
Session 2     Start  August  5-26    5:45 -6:45PM

July 8 – Aug 26  8 weeks  $60

7:00-8:00 PM  Intermediate  level 2 / Student Performance class ” Rak Stars”

 Registration for Monday classes,  Email: or Text/ Call 517-303-5369
Instructor: Garnett Kepler

City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Classes

All Lansing Parks and Recreation classes are available online via Zoom and in person.  After completing registration, a Link will be sent for the online class . All Students are encouraged to attend in person.
Instructor: G. Kepler
Registration: call : 517-483-4233 #1   or use the link  (online registration)

FEES: $55/RES; $78/NON-RES    8 SESSIONS. 

Tuesday   July 9-  August 27


6:30-7:30 PM  BELLY/BARRE – workout class


Wednesday July 10-August 28
5:30-6:20 PM  MASTER LEVEL  Professional level- for performers!
Master class will focus on performance enhancing skills.


Thursday July 11- August 29
5:20- 6:20  PM Beginning Bellydance Level 2 – some dance experience  is a must.

6:30- 7:30   NEW !!     Sword and veil: Learn 2 new exciting choreographies

Sword Choreo Music:  ” Fun, Baby”  by Natacha Atlas  (optional Floor work) a cane  can be used in place of a sword for learning purposes, will be available to borrow

Veil Music:  “El Zaffah”  Veils will be available to borrow for class

 All classes online  via Zoom. after completing registration, a link will be sent for the online class

Instructor: Yasmina Amal /Garnett Kepler
Registration: 517-483-4233 #1  (Online Registration)

What Class is right for me?

Beginning Belly Dance

Learn basic technique, movement and isolation.No previous Middle Eastern dance or Belly dance classes. If you have had other types of dance you should start here. Zills/ finger cymbals introduced. Simple dance sequence.

Beginning Belly Dance Level 2

At least (2) beginning 8 week sessions. This class moves at a quicker pace. Able to play 3’s (Triples/Longa rhythm). Layering introduced. Simple Choreography taught.

Intermediate Belly Dance

Finger cymbals  play  Longa (3’s), Masmoodi Sagir, Singles on finger cymbals. Mastered both vertical and horizontal figure 8s. Simple Shimmies, both ¾ and standing 2/4. Torso isolation.

Dancers in this class are sometimes invited to perform in the annual spring show or become a part of the student troupe “The Rak Stars”.

Professional /Master Belly Dance

This class is for performers, troupe members and apprentices. If you are interested in auditioning for The Habibi Dancers, this is the class for you!

Specialized Classes

Belly/Barre workout:  Strength and conditioning with modified Ballet Barre exercises, plus the cardio of Bellydance