Habibi Dancers 38th Annual Workshop & Concert featuring Kamrah

April 23 & 24th , 2022

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Saturday Workshops Registration 9 AM

10 AM- 12 PM Crazy Layers: Take your layers up a notch!

Rub your belly, pat your head, walk, chew gum…and dance all at the same time! Okay, maybe not, but this workshop will work your brain as much as your body. Get ready to learn layering with

¾ shimmies, hard/soft layers, layers at different speeds (including crazy fast) and how to make your layers work in a performance with this drill-intensive class.

1:30 PM- 3:30 PM: The Warrior

 Part of Kamrah’s RPG workshop series!

Strong technique, discipline, and stage presence are some of the qualities that make professional dancers (and warriors). This primarily lecture class will talk about how to structure and keep up a personal practice, even when unmotivated to do so. We will dip into pre-performance exercises to keep stage fright at bay, as well as how to create your stage persona.

Sunday Workshop Registration 12:30 PM

1 PM- 4 PM Beyond Basic Sword

Take your sword work to the next level by learning how to dance with your sword…and with an attitude!  Balancing is NOT the focus of this workshop.  We will be working on other techniques to make your sword performances interesting, dynamic, and bold!  Two short combos are offered to integrate concepts and for further practice of these amazing techniques. No Sword? No Worries! A limited number of canes/ dowels are available.

Saturday Evening Concert : Raks Remix – featuring Kamrah!

The Habibi Dancers are excited to bring you new and unique visions of Middle Eastern dance. We’ve been mixing it up and can’t wait to show you the unusual props we’ve been able to dance with! It will be our most anticipated show to date!

Guest Artists will be announced soon.

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